What if I Have Sensitive Skin or Allergy Issues?

Georgia May’s goal is to provide quality product that will meet or exceed individual skin care needs however, we recognize that what may work for one person will not necessarily work for another.  Georgia May desires to help you select the product/s that will best meet your specific need taking into consideration skin sensitivity, overall health and age.  If you have a history of skin sensitivity or allergies and are new to the Georgia May skincare line, we advise that you sample your Georgia May skincare product before general application per label directions.  We want your experience with our product line to be exceptional but cannot assume responsibility for allergic reactions.  

Each ingredient in our skincare line has been thoroughly researched and tested before being selected to assure a quality product.
We recommend you perform a patch test prior to full use application by placing a few drops of the product behind an ear and monitor for a reaction over a 24 hour period.  Although allergic reactions are extremely rare, due to our pure organic ingredients, we want you to be positive that each product is right for you.

Should you experience a reaction, please discontinue use and contact Julia at Georgia May Skin Care.  Certain individuals may need a personalized face or body blend formulated that will meet their specific needs


What is The Shelf Life of Georgia May Skincare Products?

Georgia May skincare product use the freshest possible organic carrier and essential oils to provide a shelf life of at least one year after opening.  Please understand that shelf life can be lengthened or shortened based upon your particular storage method, handling and room temperature.  It is recommended that your Georgia May product/s be stored out of direct sun light and kept at temperatures that does not exceed 75 degrees. If you reside in a warm to hot climate, it is recommended that you store your products in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation from heat.  


How Soon Can I Expect To Receive My Georgia May Products?

Georgia May attempts to ensure you receive the freshest product possible therefore we do not maintain a large inventory of shelved products.  Once you place an order, your product will be promptly shipped via USPS in our biodegradable sustainable packaging.  We understand you desire a quality product and appreciate your understanding in our 5-7 business day turnaround time from our hands to yours.


Why is Taking Care of Your Skin Important?

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and its first line of defense so, it only makes since to pay attention to what the skin needs as well as what is directly applied to the skin. Skin is highly absorbent and anything applied to it will soon be found in the bloodstream. Many of the topical applications on the market today are directly linked to numerous illnesses and diseases because of low quality, synthetic and preservative rich ingredients. Today, we live in a high tech multidimensional informative world, yet many are misinformed. Georgia May wants to help those willing to pursue health make the necessary changes in order to achieve optimum health benefits from the inside out.


What Can I Expect With Georgia May Products?

We appreciate your interest in Georgia May’s skincare products and realize your trust must be earned. It has been our experience that truth in advertising, providing a quality product at an affordable price with accurate information is the best way to help each consumer gain confidence in our company and products.  Our goal is to help you derive the best possible results with our skincare line that will meet your specific skincare need.  Knowing that each person has individualized requirements and expectations, we want to share with you what we believe is the best approach to maximize your experience with Georgia May’s products.

  1.  Depending on your age, health, medications (Rx or OTC), lifestyle and climate, incorporating Georgia May’s all natural organic skincare line will not produce overnight results.  
  2.  You will see remarkable measurable results consistently with regular use.  
  3.  If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, please use wisdom and patch test your Georgia May product on a small area before full facial or body application.
  4.  As you use Georgia May skincare products, your specific skincare needs may change as your particular skincare problem is resolved.  Example: There are those who have had very dry skin, used Georgia May’s Dewy Darling Facial Elixir, restored and balanced facial hydration and then needed to change to a lighter moisturizing formula like Mother’s Glow, a sensitive to normal facial elixir or Graceful Balance, an anti-aging formula that provides skin cell regenerative and rejuvenating properties while maintaining balanced hydration.    


How Do I Use My Georgia May Product?

Georgia May skincare products are very concentrated and use only the best possible available organic ingredients.  As is the case with a quality product, a little goes a long way!  All that is needed for complete facial and neck application is 2-5 drops of oil.  As your skin becomes balanced and hydrated, the amount you need becomes less.  For the best results, apply elixir to freshly cleansed, dried and toned skin.

Georgia May’s Heaven Scent Body Elixir and Pure Glow Face & Body Elixir for Baby can be applied directly to cleansed and dried skin according to your personal preference and hydration needs.  For a relaxing moisturizing experience, add 3-5 drops of Georgia May’s Body Elixir’s to bath water for an adult and 1-3 drops for baby if using a small portable bathing tub.  CAUTION: Adding oil to your bath or shower can present safety concerns so please use wisdom when standing in a tub or exiting your tub or shower.