About Our Company


Georgia May Skin Care
creates products that are
100% natural & organic.

Our mission is to create healthy alternatives
to chemically-ladened products.


Why was Georgia May Was Formed?  

The birth of my first child was the motivating force behind the founding of “Georgia May.”  Realizing good health just doesn’t happen on its own, I made the decision to not only live healthy but also to inspire others to begin their journey to achieve optimum health.  It is my privilege to share what I have learned, experienced and enjoyed with you.

Through trial and error I began to experiment with various oil combinations to solve specific maladies affecting myself, friends and family. From severely dry, irritated skin issues to problems related to aging skin, sun damage and acne, the need for products that could soothe and heal, promote circulation and assist with oxygenation for optimal results was apparent. The answer was not in prescriptions but in making healthy choices and lifestyle changes beginning with high quality products for skin application.  

After much research and experimenting, I was able to formulate various oil combinations that would actually improve, restore and repair the appearance, integrity and health of skin. I watched irritated, dry and itchy skin become rejuvenated, supple and hydrated. The transformations were exceptional and I knew I had to share my experience to help others.  Thus Georgia May was born.IMG_1204

What is Georgia May’s Mission?

To provide a quality family skincare product line devoid of harsh chemicals that damage skin and negatively impact overall health.  Since most oils are derived from plants, nature has already supplied multiple resources to help us. Georgia May’s goal is to harness these valued gifts of nature formulating products that will repair and restore the skin’s delicate balance promoting healthy skin and hair. “Embracing health naturally” is our company motto by which we live.

What is Georgia May’s Purpose?

Optimum health is a choice and can be achieved by exercising wisdom in our daily lives.  The choices we make will have spiritual, physical, and emotional consequences. Georgia May’s goal is to provide healthy choice alternatives through wholesome living.

Georgia May is proud to support responsible conservation by using 100% biodegradable sustainable packaging.