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by Dolores on Clear Sailing

My 16 year old daughter loves using the Clear Sailing. She has beautiful skin and is very conscientious of what she puts on her skin, but like most 16 year olds she does have her fair share of blemishes. I had received the Clear Sailing as sampler and gave it to her to use. She Loves it! She likes the way it clears up a blemish quick and especially loves the fact that the product is all natural. Happy Child=Happy Mom!

by Jayne on Graceful Balance

I've become a BIG fan of Georgia May Skin Care. I love the fact that I am using products that are organic and actually good for my skin. Grateful Balance is a wonderful product that I use daily on my face. This is all I use now - no additional moisturizer is necessary. And, I love the Heaven Scent Body Oil. My skin has never felt more nourished and hydrated. Simply love your products! Thank you for providing an organic alternative that actually works. Love it!

by Brian Bowlby on Georgia May

"Graceful Balance" made a great gift for Loretta's birthday I think it is great that you have started your own line of skin care products. Wish you all the luck for this to become a successful product line in the ever growing interest in people caring for their skin condition, with reliable organic products in a world that is going overboard with untested products and chemicals. Thank you for providing a natural solution. Got it online and it was very easy to get what I wanted and pay via Paypal. Very convenient and fast delivery. Thank You so much Julia...

by Joye Lucas on Graceful Balance

Graceful Balance has made a huge improvement in my skin! I've been using it for several weeks and I never miss a day without it. Applied directly after washing my face and allowing the oils to penetrate before I apply my makeup has made a marked improvement of the texture of my skin. You will never need another moisturizer once you try GB! It is lightweight and easily absorbed. Those fine lines and wrinkles vanish! I feel confident recommending this special oil as part of your daily facial care regime.

by Lora of Georgia on Blank Business Name

Having used Graceful Balance for many months, I've come to love my early morning routine applying this delightful oil to my face and neck as well as adding a drop or two to my body lotion application. The benefits are immediate with a sense of wellness and hydration. The aromatics refresh and awaken my mind and soul.

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